Erasmus Debating Society (EDS)

Hi! We’re the Erasmus Debating society (EDS). Every Monday evening we debate from a variety of topics, ranging from the rise of the social media influencer and whether or not ignorance is bliss, to universal basic income and mandatory voting. The format is British Parliamentary, meaning there are four teams of two people each per debate.

Debating is a great way to improve the quality of your argumentation and helps you enhance your public speaking skills. Everyone is welcome to join, from spirited beginner to seasoned high-school debating veteran. We organize a variety of workshops throughout the year to help you improve. This can be about structure and argumentation, but also specific fields of expertise (e.g. war or human rights).

We also have great socials throughout the year, the highlight being our members’ weekend. Another great aspect is the opportunity to go to (international) tournaments together, where the society covers your registration fee. In short, it’s 39 euros extremely well spent!

Interested? Be on the lookout for our beginners’ workshops, and/or look us up at (yes that’s real). You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram or send an e-mail to