Functional Impairment

Every new student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam is welcome to participate in the Eurekaweek. So of course, participation with a functional impairment is possible. This will need some extra attention from the Eurekaweek Management. We will look together with you into your specific situation to make sure you have the best Eurekaweek experience as possible. Please reach out to us, so we can do this. We care about you. If you look at our program page, you will find more information about the program elements and what to expect. Below this page you will find an overview with the wheelchair accessibility.

Sleeping at Campus

Sleeping at the Campus is a possibility during the Eurekaweek, but not mandatory. You will sleep at the Erasmus Sports on the Woudestein Campus. The building has a special toilet and shower for people that make use of a wheelchair. Everyone sleeps on a sleeping mat and you will also have your own chair. You are allowed to bring your own mattress or camp bed.

Dinners at Associations

During the Eurekaweek you will have the possibility to have dinner at an association at least one time, and a take-home dinner once. In this case you will cook dinner together with your guides. Most associations do not have a toilet for the functional impaired in their building.

Information per Event

We tried to make our events as accessible as possible. On the overview below you can see which events are wheelchair accessible. We also added the symbols ‘crowded’ and ‘flash warning’. At these events it is more crowded and there could be bright flashes of light.

We care about you! For any assistance or questions, please email to

Questions about studying at Erasmus University with a functional impairment? Send an email to