Management Assistant

As a Management Assistant you will assist a specific Eurekaweek Management member with their tasks in the months before, as well as during the Eurekaweek. Depending on which position you apply for this could involve being in touch with all student organisations, helping to acquire sponsors for the Eurekaweek, or assisting in preparing each individual event in detail.

Reasons to become a Management Assistant


As an integral part of Team Eureka you work closely together with the Eurekaweek Management and the other teams of the organization. This way you will meet a lot of enthusiastic people that you share a common goal with.


As a Management Assistant you get a unique insight in the organization of the biggest university introduction week of The Netherlands. You will get a good feeling for what it entails to organize such a big event and get to support with all tasks that happen backstage.


By becoming a Management Assistant you have access to all our events, and food is provided to you during the week. You will get to experience the Eurekaweek all over again.


I can highly recommend the Management Assistant position to anyone looking for extra responsibility and involvement during the Eurekaweek! You will be in close contact with the board, partners, and students to facilitate the most amazing week of the year. An amazing opportunity!

Prosper van Voorden, Board Assistant 2020

What we ask from You

Being a Management Assistant can be quite a tough position. So, are you…

  • In for a challenge
  • Somebody who thinks in solutions rather than in problems?
  • Someone who is not afraid of hard work?
  • Exclusively available during the Eurekaweek (August 18 – 22)?
  • Available at least 8 hours per week from July onward?

Then we might be looking for you!

If you have any questions you can contact us by phone on +31 10 4082154 or by email on

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