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Frequently Asked Questions

With whom will I be grouped during the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T13:08:30+01:00

You will be grouped with other people from the same study, so you will already know your classmates before the first day!

Who will guide me during the week?2022-12-21T13:04:47+01:00

During the week you will have two guides who will take you to all the events. The guides are also students at the Erasmus University, so they can answer every question you might have!

Who can participate in the Eurekaweek?2023-07-17T14:50:44+01:00

The Eurekaweek is organized for first year bachelor, pre-master and master students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Only when you start the first year of your study, you are able to participate. Exchange students are welcome to participate as well.

However, some events are open to other EUR-students. For those events you can get an external ticket.

Where do I need to go during the events if I have any questions?2023-02-08T15:24:51+01:00

At almost all of our events there will be a Service Point where you can ask all your questions. The Service Point is easy to recognize and will be manned by someone from Team Eureka. If there is no Service Point, you can ask someone from the Crew or the Management who are always present at the event.

Where can I sleep during the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T13:08:02+01:00

During the week, there are various sleeping possibilities. More information regarding sleeping arrangements can be found on this page.

Note: there are limited spots available and it will be on a first come first serve basis, so keep that in mind!

When will the Eurekaweek take place?2024-04-26T15:04:39+01:00

The Eurekaweek takes place from the 19th of August until the 22nd of August. On Sunday 18th of August there is an International Day as a warm welcome for new students from outside the Netherlands.

When will I know my group of participants?2024-03-13T14:40:39+01:00

You will meet your group of participants in Ahoy on Monday morning after the participant registration.

When do I need to be available to become a guide?2024-03-13T14:39:21+01:00

As a guide you need to be available from Monday 19th of August 2024 until Thursday the 22nd of August 2024. For these four days, your group of participants will require you and your co-guides full attention.

When can I meet the associations during the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T13:08:43+01:00

During the week you have several opportunities to meet the associations. Keep an eye on our socials for the official programme per day which will be announced later this year!

When can I buy a ticket for the Eurekaweek?2024-04-26T15:09:11+01:00

The ticket sale for Eurekaweek 2024 will open May 1st! Later in the year it will be possible to buy external tickets for some of our events such as the Cantus, Master day and Night of the Songs

What type of associations are there?2022-12-21T13:08:47+01:00

There are various types of associations in Rotterdam. You have student associations, study assocations, sport associations and cultural assocations, so there is something for everyone! Get to know all the assocations during our events! More information on each association can be found here.

What is the programme of the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T13:01:04+01:00

The official programme has not yet been announced, but during the week you will get to meet other students from your study and you will experience everything Rotterdam and the Erasmus University have to offer. Take a look at the aftermovie of last year to see how it was last summer! Also keep an eye on our website and socials where the programme will be announced later this year.

What is the International Day?2022-12-21T13:08:59+01:00

The International Day takes place the day before the official programme. It is a day for the students who are new in the Netherlands where they can already get to know various associations and socialize with each other. The International Day is included in the ticket price.

What is the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T12:40:42+01:00

The Eurekaweek is the official introduction week of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During the week you will get to know other students, the university and the city!

What do I need to bring to the registration morning?2022-12-21T13:09:18+01:00

For the registration you need the QR code which you received in the confirmation e-mail when you bought the ticket. Additionally, you need to bring an valid identification document such as an ID card or a passport.

What do I need to bring during the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T13:05:59+01:00

There is no packing list for what you need to bring during the week. Just take with you what you think is convenient. It is best to take with you as little as possible. Although make sure that you always have a valid identification document with you.

What do I get for my Eurekaweek Ticket?2024-04-26T15:26:18+01:00

With your ticket you get access to all events of the Eurekaweek. Some events happen at the same time, therefore you can choose which events suits you best! Moreover you will receive some free meals during the week, the meals will all be completely vegetarian. During the week you will also be able to meet our partners and all associations of the EUR. This will mostly be during the International day, Campus day and Master day, but you can expect to see them at our other events as well. Together with these associations and partners we are able to provide you with lots of freebies and discounts throughout the week as well.

What are the methods of payment during the Eurekaweek?2024-04-26T15:20:09+01:00

At the registration morning on August 19th you will receive an Eurekaweek wristband. You can use this wristband to pay and it grants you access to all our events, so make sure you always wear your wristband! You can top-up your balance with the official Eurekaweek app. On all other events, only the wristband can be used.

Is the Eurekaweek mandatory?2022-12-21T12:58:23+01:00

No, the Eurekaweek is completely voluntary. We highly recommend that you participate, because this is the perfect opportunity to get to know other students and make friends for life!

Is it possible to switch groups so I can be with my friends?2023-02-08T15:25:36+01:00

The aim of the Eurekaweek is to meet new people and start new friendships. However, during the week you can switch groups in consultation with your guides, and the Eurekaweek Management.

Is food provided during the week?2024-04-26T15:10:26+01:00

Yes! Every day you will receive at least two meals that you eat together with your group. The food during the week will be completely vegetarian. Of course it is also possible to buy some extra snacks at the supermarket yourself.

I want to become a guide, but I don’t have a co-guide yet. Is it still possible to become a guide?2024-04-26T15:27:48+01:00

You can’t guide a group of participants on your own. To find a co-guide you can join our WhatsApp Community.

I have a food allergy/preference. Will this be taken into account?2022-12-21T13:08:08+01:00

Yes, when you register for the week it is possible to indicate your allergy/preference in the registration form.

I am an HBO student. Is it possible for me to participate in the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T13:03:59+01:00

Unfortunately, it is not possible for HBO students to participate in the Eurekaweek as it is the official introduction week of the Erasmus University.

How much does a ticket for the Eurekaweek cost?2024-04-26T15:16:00+01:00

The Eurekaweek ticket costs €92. With a ticket you will receive a wristband that gives you access to all events of the week and you will receive multiple meals.

How many guide T-shirts will I receive?2024-03-13T14:41:26+01:00

You will get 1 guide T-shirt from us. There is an option to buy an additional guide T-shirt for 10 euro’s.

How do I sign up to become a guide?2024-03-13T14:40:00+01:00

You can sign up to become a guide via this link. Both you and your co-guide need to fill in this form. After filling in the form, one of you should sign up for a guide interview.

How can I participate in the Eurekaweek?2024-04-26T15:06:40+01:00

You can participate by buying a ticket. The official ticket sale for the Eurekaweek will open on May 1st 2024!

How can I enter the events of the Eurekaweek?2024-04-26T15:24:45+01:00

You can enter all our events with the wristband you receive at the registration morning. Make sure you always wear your wristband, since you are not allowed to enter the event without a wristband.

Note: For some smaller scale events, it is necessary to register. You will receive instructions about how to do this in advance.

Does the Eurekaweek take place at the same time as the introduction periods of the associations?2022-12-21T13:02:52+01:00

No, the Eurekaweek takes place before the introduction periods of the associations. It is up to the association when they organize their introduction days.

Do I receive ECTS for participating in the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T12:56:32+01:00

No, the Eurekaweek is not part of the curriculum so you do not receive ECTS for participating.

Do I receive ECTS for guiding during the Eurekaweek?2024-03-13T14:40:24+01:00

No, the Eurekaweek is not part of the curriculum, so you do not receive ECTS for guiding a group of participants.

Do I need to participate in all events of the Eurekaweek?2022-12-21T13:01:19+01:00

No, you will have the freedom to choose which event you want to attend. However, we highly recommend that you participate in all the events to have the ultimate experience!

Do I have to become a member of an association?2022-12-21T13:03:04+01:00

It is not mandatory to become a member of an association. It is up to you to choose if and which association you want to be a part of.

Can the Eurekaweek be seen as a hazing?2023-01-20T14:19:09+01:00

No absolutely not! The Eurekaweek is a week of fun activities to get to know other students, the university and Rotterdam. During the week you will be introduced to the campus and all the various associations that Rotterdam has to offer.

Can I participate in the Eurekaweek with a functional impairment?2022-12-21T12:57:49+01:00

Yes, it is possible to attend all the events of the Eurekaweek with a functional impairment! If you want more specific information regarding how we make our programme fully accessible, you can view the Functional Impairment page, or contact us at

Can I guide with someone from a different study / faculty?2024-03-13T14:41:12+01:00

Yes, you can guide with someone from a different study / faculty. During the guide interview we will ask you from which study you would like to guide a group. We then will do our best to make this work.