Crew Member

The Eurekaweek Crew is indispensable during the week. As a crew member, you will support the Eurekaweek Management in the preparations and all the activities during the Eurekaweek. You are, for example, responsible for the course of events and you will provide the participants with the relevant information. Furthermore, you help with building up the events and clean up afterwards.

Reasons to join the Crew

Together with fellow crew members and the Eurekaweek Management you work together to make the Eurekaweek a big success! You work closely with a enthusiastic group of people who become friends for the rest of your life. Organizing the Eurekaweek is not possible without crew members!


The Eurekaweek Crew consists of approximately 90 enthusiastic people who are all excited to work together on the Eurekaweek. Before the Eurekaweek you have several opportunities to meet the rest of the Crew!


By becoming a Crew member you get an exclusive look into the organization of the Eurekaweek! You will get a feeling for what it entails to organize such a big event and get to support with all tasks that happen backstage.


As a Crew member you have access to all our events, and food is provided during the week. You will get to experience the Eurekaweek all over again, and are able to party with the other participants outside of your shifts!

What we ask from You

If you want to become a crew member, you must take several things into account:

  • You are exclusively available from August 20 to 24
  • You are a team player
  • You have a proactive attitude
  • You do not mind to roll up your sleeves
  • Above all, you want to have a great week!

If you have any questions you can contact us on WhatsApp or by phone on 010-7546570 or +31-10-7546570, or by email on

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