Eurekaweek Management 2023

The Eurekaweek Management consists of 9 enthusiastic students that are responsible for organizing the Eurekaweek. From January onward, they have been working full time to ensure that the Eurekaweek is a success. They will make sure that new students have the time of their lives. Here, you can read more about who they are and what they do.

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Eurekaweek Management 2023


Veerle Petersen

Study: MSc Medical Business & Innovation

A new city, a new university and new friends. Participating in the Eurekaweek of 2019, made me feel at home in Rotterdam, I became acquainted with the Erasmus University and I got to know my fellow students. It was the best decision I could have made to kickstart my first year in Rotterdam. The exciting feeling I got when I walked into Ahoy on the very first day was the moment I knew I wanted to be part of organizing the Eurekaweek. That is why in 2022 I was part of the lovely Team Eureka as a crew member. In the crew you get to see everything behind the scenes of organizing this huge event which sparked my interest to be part of the Management.

Meanwhile I am fulfilling the position of Chairwoman in the Management this year. As Chairwoman you are involved in overviewing everything, you are the representation of the Management, and you take care of your fellow Management members.

My 10 Management members and I will use our enthusiasm to provide you with the best introduction week possible!

We are looking forward, are you?

Contact Veerle: +31 6 39722013


Yvonne van Santen

Study: MA Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship

In 2019, I started my bachelor international business administration in Rotterdam and in the past years this city became my home. This all started with the Eurekaweek, where I got to know all the best places in Rotterdam and on campus, and met amazing people that are still my friends. When the end of my bachelor came near, I wanted to become involved in the Eurekaweek again. That’s why I joined the guide committee in 2022. As part of the guide committee I got to interview and train all enthusiastic guides, after this experience I decided to become a Management assistant as well. These positions allowed me to be more involved in the organization of a huge event like the Eurekaweek and this convinced me to apply for a Management position.

As Treasurer I overlook the budget. I am responsible for managing the payment systems and all other financial aspects of the week, this also allows me to stay involved with my fellow Management members, because everything they do either involves acquiring or spending money. Which makes me love my position even more. Together with the Management we are working hard to make this years Eurekaweek a success and I cannot wait to welcome everyone in Rotterdam!

Contact Yvonne: +31 6 83453040


Roos Coolen

Study: MSc Marketing Management

In the summer of 2019, I came to Rotterdam to study International Business Administration and therefore my adventure started. I participated in the Eurekaweek to get to know the university, the city and to get to know my fellow students, now friends. This week filled with the most amazing activities, made me feel at home right away.

Because of this awesome experience, I wanted to be involved in the Eurekaweek myself. In 2022 I decided to sign up for the guide committee. Together with my fellow committee members, we supported the commissioner of Participants and Guides in the recruitment process of the guides. After this I became a Management assistant of Acquisition in the Eurekaweek 2022. These experiences convinced me to apply for the Eurekaweek Management of 2023.

Now, I am fulfilling the role of Commissioner of Acquisition. Together with my partner Milou Buijs, we are responsible for the communication with all profit and non-profit partners of the Eurekaweek. The Eurekaweek is made possible by these partnerships. Doing this, helps you gain experience in a professional environment and develop your communication skills.

I am really looking forward to welcome you all to the Eurekaweek 2023!

Contact Roos: +31 6 48704113


Milou Buijs

Study: MSc Finance & Investment

In the summer of 2019, I started my study Business Administration in Rotterdam. My sister told me the Eurekaweek was an experience I did not want to miss, so like that I decided to participate in the Eurekaweek. Although the city was familiar to me, there was still a lot left to explore. I got to know Campus Woudestein, different associations, and my fellow students, now friends.

Last year, I volunteered as a Management Assistant during the Eurekaweek. This was an amazing experience, which convinced me to apply for the Management this year. Meanwhile I am fulfilling the role of Commissionar of Acquisition, together with my partner Roos Coolen. In this roll you are in charge of communicating with all profit and non-profit partners of the Eurekaweek. These parnterships make the Eurekaweek possible.

Over the coming months I will do everything in my power to welcome you in August in the most unforgettable way!

Contact Milou: +31 6 41630045

Internal Affairs

Anne van Leeuwen

Study: Economics and Business Economics

I started studying in Rotterdam in 2018 by participating in the Eurekaweek. I already knew about the City Rotterdam a bit but after the Eurekaweek the city felt immediately more like home. I got to know my fellow students and all the associations Erasmus University has to offer. The Eurekaweek was a bright start to my student life in Rotterdam.

Therefore, I decided that I wanted to take part in organizing this event myself. Together with my 10 fellow Management members we will be working hard on organizing an unforgettable introduction week.

This year I will be the commissioner of Internal Affairs. In this position I will be in charge of the contact with all the associations of the university. Every association must have the possibility to represent themselves during the Eurekaweek, so that every student can make the best decision on how they will arrange their own student life!

I am excited for this year and hope to see you all in august!

Contact Anne: +31 6 15556416

Participants & Guides

Lou Haring

Study: MSc Clinical Youth and Child Psychology

In the summer of 2019, I started my adventure in Rotterdam. Everything was new for me, the city, my Bachelor of Psychology and living on my own. I had an amazing start of this adventure by participating in the Eurekaweek. From the very first minute of this week, I had a great time getting to know the city and university with my group and lovely guides. During the week I immediately registered with various associations and organizations, and I have not regretted it for a moment. After the Eurekaweek I arrived a bit late for my first lecture. I rushed inside the lecture hall and looked around for a place to sit. Then there was this amazing moment. Some students waved at me and pointed at the empty spot next to them. It was my Eurekaweek group, waiting for me and holding my spot in this very big lecture hall filled with new people. This was amazing and made me feel so welcome at the university.

Because of this awesome week I had decided to volunteer as a Management assistant in 2021. As a Management assistant I was more involved in the weeks before the Eurekaweek. I got to see what it was like to organize a huge event which really sparked my interest to be part of the Management. I decided I wanted to finish my bachelors first, before committing to such a big and new challenge. Since I couldn’t stand the thought of not helping in the Eurekaweek 2022, a friend and I decided to sign up as a guide.

In the function Participants & Guides I am responsible for ticket sales and contact with the participants before, during and after the week. I am also responsible for selecting more than 650 enthusiastic guides who can provide the participants with a great week. Fortunately, I do not have to do this on my own. My Guide Committee will help me with this big and challenging task. I am excited to take on this challenge and look forward to creating a warm and spectacular welcome in Rotterdam for everyone!

Contact Lou: +31 6 58826218


Madelief Zaal

Study: BSc Criminology

When I walked into Ahoy on the first day of the Eurekaweek 2019 I remember feeling quite nervous. Here I was, on my own, starting a whole new journey. What I didn’t know in that moment was that participating in the Eurekaweek was the best possible choice I could have made. Within one week I got to know the exciting city of Rotterdam, the university and my fellow students. I also joined some associations where I got to know some of my best friends.

While singing the ‘Rotterdamlied’ during the Cantus in 2022 it hit me, I wanted to be part of organizing the Eurekaweek. I hadn’t been a part of Team Eureka before but that didn’t stop me from applying for the Management. When I got the news that they chose me I really couldn’t believe it!

As Commissioner of Marketing I am responsible for all online and offline promotion and communication of the Eurekaweek. Furthermore, I led a great Media Team that consists out of 16 students that will be creating content such as a podcast series and a magazine.

I look forward to organizing the Eurekaweek and can’t wait to see you this summer in Rotterdam!

Contact Madelief: +31 6 27481770

Events & Logistics

Joost van den Hoek

Study: MSc Supply Chain Management

I started my BSc Business Administration in 2019 with full excitement for everything that was to come. However, I did not participate in the Eurekaweek. At first, I thought I had not missed much, but this changed when I had my first encounter with the Eurekaweek in the summer of 2022.

That summer, I volunteered as a Management Assistant for Internal Affairs. And apart from gaining a lot of insights into what it entails to be organizing such a big introduction week, I also got to meet some amazing people who became very close friends to this day. At this point I knew I wanted to apply for the Eurekaweek Management of 2023!

Now, as Commissioner of Events & Logistics, I will be responsible for creating the maps of all locations, contacting suppliers, and deciding on the content of the events. I will organize the latter in close cooperation with Emma from Events & Crew to create a cohesive program.

Please do not make the same mistake I made by not participating in the Eurekaweek and join us in August. I can’t wait to see you there!

Contact Joost: +31 6 81700359

Events & Crew

Emma van Rheenen

Study: MSc Supply Chain Management

My student life started in 2017 in Rotterdam, and I decided to participate in the Eurekaweek. This was the best decision I could have made to kickstart my first year. It is quite exciting to move to a new city without knowing anyone there. The week was a great opportunity to get to know the city of Rotterdam and meet my fellow students who were experiencing the same amazing adventure. The people I first met in my group on the first day of the Eurekaweek became my friends and are still my friends today. In 2018 I decided that I wanted to give the new students the same warm welcome that I received in my Eurekaweek and I became a guide. I felt so proud to show my group the stunning city of Rotterdam and all it has to offer. In the years afterwards I joined the team Eureka which gave countless memories just like in my first year. After a summer of being a Management assistant I got motivated to join the Eurekaweek Management and organize the Eurekaweek for 2023!

This year, I will take on the challenge to create another great Eurekaweek. Within the Management I am responsible for the events and the crew. This entails that I have an overview of the most important events, such as the Opening Ceremony, Cantus and The Night of the Songs. Tasks include arranging the locations and booking the artists that will perform during the events. Moreover, I lead a team of around 90 crew members, all students themselves, to together create the most unforgettable week possible. I am very excited to have another unforgettable Eurekaweek this year and I hope you all will create the fantastic memories just like I did.

Contact Emma: +31 6 46436682