Eurekaweek Management 2024

The Eurekaweek Management consists of 9 enthusiastic students that are responsible for organizing the Eurekaweek. From January onward, they have been working full time to ensure that the Eurekaweek is a success. They will make sure that new students have the time of their lives. Here, you can read more about who they are and what they do.

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Eurekaweek Management 2023


Candice Moolenaar

Study: BSc Child & Education Studies

Rotterdam has been my city from a very young age. Rotterdam is lively, diverse, enterprising, and unique, because no city in the Netherlands looks like Rotterdam. Even though I already knew the city, I didn’t hesitate for a second to apply for the Eurekaweek. It seemed like a fun experience and the perfect start to my new chapter at Erasmus University Rotterdam. I started my Pedagogical Sciences studies in 2020 and this made my Eurekaweek take place largely online.

Feeling that I missed the real Eurekaweek feeling, I signed up as a crew member in 2022. I loved being part of Team Eureka and helping behind the scenes of such a big event. From that point on, my love for Eureka Week started, so in 2023 I decided to sign up as a Management Assistant. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed the week and being part of Team Eureka. This was therefore a confirmation to take up the challenge and apply for the Eurekaweek Management 2024 myself.

Now I am proudly fulfilling the role as chairwoman in the Eurekaweek Management 2024. In my role as chairwoman, I’m involved with many different things. Some of my tasks include keeping an overview, leading meetings, looking after the welfare of fellow management members, and representing Eurekaweek to the outside world.

I am really looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city and campus.

We will do our best to make it a great introductory week. Let’s create core memories together!



Contact Candice: +31 10 408 2154


Erwin van der Bij

Study: MSc Analytics and Operations Research in Logistics

In 2019, just before I started my double bachelor in econometrics and economics, I experienced Eurekaweek for the first time. Although the events were mind blowing, most important for me were the friendships I created from the amazing people I met in my Eurekaweek group. In 2021, I became a Eurekaweek guide. As a guide, I was able to give new students an experience that was similar to mine. In 2023, I was in the Eurekaweek committee of my study association, which one again made me experience the Eurekaweek from a new perspective. Therefore, it is safe to say that I developed a green heart over the years.

This year, I decided to take this to the next level and become the treasurer of the 52nd Eurekaweek Management. In this position, I overlook the budget of the Eurekaweek. This allows me to stay involved with my fellow Management members, because everything they do somehow involves acquiring or spending money. Being involved with all aspects of the Eurekaweek makes me love my job even more. All in all, I am working very hard with the rest of the team to create a Eurekaweek that is just as nice, or even better than the one I experienced myself!

Contact Erwin: +31 10 408 7218


Koen van Breemen

Study: MSc Commercial & Company Law

In the summer of 2019, I came to Rotterdam to study Law and Business Administration. I participated in the Eurekaweek to get to know the university, the city and most importantly to make new friends. Still, to this day, this week remains to be one of the best weeks of my student time here in Rotterdam. The memories I have and friends I made during this week will stay with me forever!

Having had such a great experience, I decided I wanted to be a part of the organization of this awesome week. In 2023 I decided to sign up for the guide committee. Together with my fellow committee members, we supported the commissioner of Participants and Guides in the recruitment process of the guides. After this, I became a Management assistant of Acquisition in the Eurekaweek 2023. These experiences convinced me to apply for the Eurekaweek Management of 2024!

Now, I am fulfilling the role of Commissioner of Acquisition. Together with my partner Bo Labeij, we are responsible for the communication with all profit and non-profit partners of the Eurekaweek. The Eurekaweek is made possible by these partnerships. Doing this helps you to gain experience in a professional environment and develop your communication skills.

I am really looking forward to welcome you all to the Eurekaweek 2024!

Contact Koen: +31 6 10 754 7216


Bo Labeij

Study: MSc Marketing Management

In the summer of 2019, my student life began in Rotterdam. Although my high school was also in Rotterdam, I got to know the city in a completely new way during the Eurekaweek. I made many new friends, got acquainted with the associations and made my way around campus. It was a great week, the start of a new adventure, and the nicest activities were organized.

After this I immediately knew, I want to be more involved in this myself. In 2022 I was a guide to an amazing group of first-year students and gave them the experience I had myself in 2019. Then in 2023 I became a Management Assistant Acquisition. Here I gained experience in the weeks before Eurekaweek and during the week itself I got a lot of insights of the behind the scenes. After these experiences, I knew for sure, I am going to apply for the Eurekaweek Management 2024. Since I completed my master’s after an exchange in Lisbon, Eurekaweek Management is the perfect bridge between studying and the real business world.

Together with Koen, I am responsible for acquisition.This means that we take care of all collaborations with the profit and non-profit organizations.I lear a lot in terms of professional contacts and thinking along how the organizations best fit within the Eurekaweek. I can’t wait to see the end result and reach our target. I look forward to giving everyone a warm welcome here in Rotterdam and creating core memories!

Contact Bo: +31 10 754 6768

Internal Affairs

Donna Zegwaart

Study: MSc Analytics and Operations Research in Logistics

I started studying econometrics in 2019, beginning my journey by participating in Eurekaweek. During this time, I met many new people, explored the city of Rotterdam, and experienced student life for the first time. One of the people I met was nicknamed “the happy American”, with whom I have been living for the past 2.5 years.

In the following years, I joined two different Eurekaweek committees, which allowed me to experience the event from a new perspective. What has always stood out to me about Eurekaweek is how the city becomes vibrant and full of students. Therefore, when I started my master’s in 2023, I participated in Eurekaweek again and decided to apply for the 52nd Eurekaweek Management.

Now, I am proud to call myself the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. I truly enjoy everything about this role! Throughout the year, I manage all matters related to associations, from meeting over 50 of them at the beginning of the year to being part of all event teams involving associations. The aspect I love the most is the different kinds of people you get to meet, as all associations are truly unique.

I look forward to seeing you this Eurekaweek and hope you too get to experience one of the most amazing weeks of your life!

Contact Donna: +31 6 10 408 9066

Participants & Guides

Tessa Koops

Study: MSc Medicine

When I decided to study Medicine in Rotterdam I immediately knew I wanted to participate in Eurekaweek. A week full of events that would introduce me to my new city, study and classmates sounded like the perfect way to start student life. I couldn’t wait! Sadly, due to the corona pandemic, my introduction to student life was far from what I had always expected. I didn’t have the traditional Eurekaweek experience and started my studies online, from my room in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

The feeling that I had missed out on an essential student experience never left me, so as the pandemic died down, I decided to participate in Eurekaweek. This time not as a participant who was about to start her first year, but as a crew member. Looking back, I am so glad I signed up! I enjoyed helping the Eurekaweek Management behind the scenes with all the events and in turn ensuring that every new student got a warm welcome to Rotterdam. I loved it so much that I decided to apply for the Eurekaweek management. An opportunity that fitted perfectly with my wish of taking a gap year to further develop myself.

Now, as the commissioner of Participants & Guides I am on one hand responsible for the ticket sale and contact with the participants of Eurekaweek and on the other hand for the recruitment, training and communication to our 600+ guides. Luckily, I am not alone in this, my Guide Committee is there to assist me in this challenging but rewarding task. These past few months we have been working hard to create an amazing Eurekaweek 2024 for you and I can’t wait to see it all become reality!

See you this summer!

Contact Tessa: +31 10 754 6756


Jasmijn de Leeuw

Study: MSc Global Business & Sustainability

When I started studying Business Administration in 2020, I couldn’t wait for my Eurekaweek. The perfect way to kick-start my student life! Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the majority of the week was online. Though I had an amazing week, I had always wanted to experience Eurekaweek in its full glory.

For that reason, I became Management Assistant Marketing in 2023. After the Opening Ceremony on Monday, I already knew it: I would apply for the Management of 2024. This would be the perfect way to spend my gap year. When I heard that I had been selected to be a part of the Management, I couldn’t have been happier!

As Commissioner of Marketing I am responsible for all online and offline promotion and communication of the Eurekaweek. Furthermore, I lead a great Media Committee that consists out of 15 students who will be creating content such as a podcast series and a magazine.

I look forward to organizing the Eurekaweek and can’t wait to see you this summer in Rotterdam!

Contact Jasmijn: +31 10 754 6765

Events & Logistics

Teun Mulder

Study: BSc Business Administration

In 2020, I landed in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, and it continues to amaze me time and time again. Although the city, arriving in times of Corona, did not show me its full glory, I knew I was in the right place. The stripped-down version of the Eurekaweek was a welcoming embrace and provided me with a sense of stability in student life in Rotterdam. A year later, the Eurekaweek was almost fully restored, which is why I teamed up with a friend to become guides. It was the perfect way to experience the entire week and to help new Rotterdammers spread their wings. A week full of escapades, for which I am more than grateful.

It is now 2024, and I can call myself Commissioner of Events & Logistics. It’s an awesome role that I perform with great joy. Everyone is involved in the events, but as Commissioner E&L, you are the engine in the organization. Without fences, portable toilets, or electricity, there would be no event, and the work of others would be in vain. Without floor plans, there would be no permit and no (legal) event. In short, it’s a beautiful responsibility.

Together, we are preparing a wonderful, inviting, and above all, enjoyable week for you. We look forward to seeing you this August in Rotterdam!

Contact Teun: +31 10 754 7214

Events & Crew

Leo Möller

Study: BA International Bachelor Arts & Culture Studies

With moving to the Netherlands to begin my studies in a completely unknown environment, country, and culture, the Eurekaweek was the best start to my student life that I could have hoped for. It was quite exciting to get such a warm welcome to the amazing city that is Rotterdam and to meet so many new people, some of whom became my best friends. In 2022 I decided to become a guide, so that I can give a group of new students the same warm welcome I received here. I loved showing them all the wonder and charm that Rotterdam has to offer. Together with my ambitions to later work in the live entertainment side of the music industry and organize large scale music festivals and concerts, all these unforgettable experiences strongly motivated me to apply for the Eurekaweek Management and organize Eurekaweek 2024!

Together with the 8 other Management members, I am taking up the challenge to organize another great Eurekaweek this year. Within the Management I am responsible for the Events and the Crew. This means that I have an overview of the most major events, such as the Opening Ceremony, the Opening Party, the Cantus, the Festival, and the Night of the Songs. My tasks include arranging the venues, as well as booking and handling the artists who will perform at the events throughout the week. This also means creating and planning the creative concepts of the events. Moreover, I recruit and lead a team of about 80 volunteer crew members, who are all students themselves. Together, we will work behind the scenes during all events to create the most extraordinary Eurekaweek possible. I am really looking forward to experiencing another unforgettable Eurekaweek this year and I hope that Eurekaweek will help you create core memories that you will hold dear for the rest of your life!

Contact Leo: +31 10 754 6570