Team Eureka Committee

The Team Eureka Committee is a team of approximately 3 students that help the Commissioner of Events & Crew with recruiting, assembling and training the Crew of the Eurekaweek. In addition to this, the Committee organizes Team Eureka events to create a sense of team spirit among the Crew. Do you want to improve your HR- and people skills, and experience the biggest introduction week in the Netherlands behind the scenes? Then, this is the committee for you! A huge plus for becoming part of this Committee is the ambition to become a Management Assistant.

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Committee Tasks


Crew members are the pillars of the Eurekaweek. Without them, there would be no Eurekaweek. As a member of the Team Eureka Committee, you will assist the Commissioner of Events & Crew in recruiting and selecting the Crew.


In order for everything to run smoothly, it is important that the Crew is well-informed. For that reason, all Crew members will participate in a training. As a member of the Committee, you will be responsible for creating these training courses.

Team Spirit

In order to have a motivated Crew at the start of the Eurekaweek, it is important that they have a great sense of team spirit. It is your responsibility to organize Team Eureka events, at which the Crew can get to know each other!


April May June July August
Duties Crew recruitment Crew Interviews Prepare crew training & activity Crew training & activity
Workload 4 hours/week 4 hours/week 4 hours/week 4 hours/week Full availability

Applications are open!