Event Committee

The Event committee, which consists of approximately 5 people, aims to help the commissioners of Events & Crew and Events & Logistics. Therefore, your tasks can generally be divided into two categories: crew and logistics. Which will shift as we approach August. Examples of these are:

– Recruitment and training of the crew

– Organizing Team Eureka parties

– Contacting suppliers

– Setting up floor plans

Committee Tasks


Crewmembers are the pillars of the Eurekaweek. Without them we wouldn’t be able to organize our events. Therefore, as part of the Events Committee, you will be involved in their recruitment, training, and parties.


The second fundamental part of the organization: logistics. The Eurekaweek depends on a number of suppliers to facilitate the events. Your second role within the committee will hence include contacting suppliers and setting up floor plans.

Apply for the Event Committee

If you are passionate about event planning and you want to get an insight behind the scenes of the Eurekaweek you should definitively apply! You can do so between April 3rd and April 16th by mailing your CV and motivation letter to eureka@eur.nl. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or call 010-7546570 or +31-10-7546570.