The Eurekaweek cannot be a success without the help of enthusiastic Guides! As a Guide, you are responsible for guiding a group of participants during the week. Do not worry, you will not be doing this alone, as you will be together with your friend! For four days, you will take the participants to the campus, the city, and the associations. Together with your co-guide, you will make sure that your group experiences an unforgettable warm welcome.

Reasons to become a Guide

Meet new people

By becoming a Guide you get to meet new students of the Erasmus University, and gain the experience of mentoring a small group of people.


As a Guide you have access to all our events for free. You will get to experience the Eurekaweek all over again, and are able to party together with your group and the other participants.

What we ask from You

As a guide, you are a key player during the Eurekaweek, since you will be making sure the participants have an amazing week. It is essential that a guide has great sense of responsibility and can keep his or her group together during the week. Assume that, for four days, your group of participants will require your full attention. Therefore, you will not be able to perform any side activities during the week. As a preparation for your job as a guide, you’re obliged to participate in a guide training. Besides the responsibilities, participating as a guide is mostly a lot of fun as well as a golden opportunity to meet the new students!

Do you have any questions? You can reach us by phone on +31-10-7546680, or by email at

Apply as a Guide

The official registration has been closed but you are still able to become a guide! With the form below you can fill in your information and apply for the position. You can write your answers either in English or in Dutch. Both guides have to fill in this form.

After completing the form, you will be sent an email with follow-up information straight away. This email will explain how to apply with your video application.