Media Committee

The Media Committee is an international team of approximately 15 students who produce content that is used before, after and during the Eurekaweek! Within the committee you have five different teams that each focus on a distinct aspect of the marketing of the Eurekaweek.

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Committee Teams

Social Media

Team Social Media is, as the name already says, responsible for all the social media channels of the Eurekaweek. Together with the Commissioner of Marketing they brainstorm about the different types of posts. Moreover during the Eurekaweek they will capture the week through posting daily photos and stories of all the events.

Timeline Duties
March Recruited & first meeting
March – June Creative process
Making content and posting


The Eurekaweek also has its own podcast that covers various subjects that are of concern to the new Erasmians. The topics covered is completely up to team Podcast, so the team has the freedom to be as creative as possible! The recording of the podcast series as well as the editing afterwards is also part of the task description. Click here if you want to know what the team has been up to!

Timeline Duties
March Recruited & first meeting
April – June creative process & recording the podcast
Editing the podcast


Team Film is the brain behind the short films that we show on our socials and during the Eurekaweek itself. From the creative process of creating the clips to actually filming them at different places of the city, team Film has many different and fun tasks! The team consists of presenters, editors and camera crew, so there is a position for everyone!

Timeline Duties
March Recruited & first meeting
Creative process & filming


Where some teams are more busy months before the Eurekaweek, the peak of the ReportEUR team is during the Eurekaweek. The team captures the Eurekaweek in a special way by interviewing participants and other parties! The team consists of a cameraperson, interviewer(s) and an editor. The videos of ReportEUR of last year can be found here!

Timeline Duties
March Recruited & first meeting
Filming and interviewing the participants


Team Magazine is responsible for creating the Eurekaweek Magazine that is digitally send to all participants after the week. Together with the commissioner of Marketing, the team members create a vision for the Magazine and brainstorm about the various topics they want to cover such as student life or tips for a first year student. Afterwards they conduct and write up interviews as well as work on the design of the Magazine. Overall, a very dynamic and interesting team to be a part of!

Timeline Duties
March Recruited & first meeting
April – June Creative process
After Magazine will be sent to all the participants


Being a part of the Media Team I had an amazing opportunity to develop my interest in journalism by designing interviews and filming creative videos. Contributing to putting Eurekaweek together while meeting new friends from other faculties was an unforgettable experience!

Agnieszka Mańke, Team Film

Working for the Eurekaweek media committee has been a very eye-opening experience, as I’ve been able to try things I’ve always wanted to but never had the chance to. I’ve met lovely, creative people and the idea of being able to help prepare upcoming students for their new adventure at university has been especially inspiring to me.

Andriana Kalyva, Team Podcast & Magazine

Being in the media committee enabled me to get to know so many new people and to develop my creative and problem-solving abilities! I love being a part of a great team and overcoming challenges together. Working towards a great result gives me a lot of energy!

Anne Knoop, Team Film & Podcast

Applications are open!