Student association IQRA (SV IQRA) was founded in 1996 as a student association that is inspired by the basic principles of the Islamic tradition. The association became a meeting place for students from all kinds of studies and backgrounds who were not only looking for fun, but also wanted to develop themselves. These principles, in combination with traditions built up over the past 20 years, still shape the contemporary character of IQRA.

Our mission

• Providing a platform for Muslim students at Erasmus University Rotterdam, so that they come together and find compassion, love and strength in each other.

• Organize events that explore the religious and cultural tradition of our members in a way that is appropriate to our academic context, but without neglecting the emotional and spiritual dimension.

• Provide a springboard for Muslim youth by arming them against Islamophobia, racism and discrimination on campus, in the labor market and in society.

• Commitment to more Muslims at university with fewer dropouts and better performance through better preparation and guidance.

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