Rotterdam Student Rugby Club

Are you a student and not a coward? Then the R.S.R.C. is for you! Rotterdam Student Rugby Club is a student rugby club in Rotterdam. Our club colors are red-green, from the colors of Rotterdam (green-white), and those of the borough of Kralingen-Crooswijk (red-yellow). The club’s logo consists of 2 bear cubs that hold the sacred oval ball. We were founded in 1968 and 55 years later our club is still flourishing. The club has 3 men’s teams that are being coached by honor class coaches Michiel Sneijders and Barro Kessler. We also have a sevens-team and a Young dog team. The Young dog team is exclusively for new inexperienced members. They play several (very entertaining) matches against other inexperienced players from student clubs in the Netherlands.

Since 2008, the RSRC has its own clubhouse, the Bears Cave, at Lucie Vuylstekeweg 40. The Bears Cave has a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for hosting many fun activities like Dies Natalis (Birthday of the club), Open parties, Christmas dinner and traditional nights. Additionally, we organize trips to the beach rugby tournament on Ameland, ski trip and ‘Trip” (but what happens on Trip stays on trip ;).

There is training on Tuesday and Thursday, at 19:00. Come along, rugby experience certainly isn’t a requirement! After the training there is always a delicious meal prepared which always goes well with a nice beer. Matches are played on Sundays. When all teams play at home there is a Super Sunday, whose third halves are always (or never) remembered.

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