RSM Student Representation (SR)

Want to be involved in student-professor communication? Join SR! SR stands for Student Representation, an independent student organisation that acts as the official intermediary between IBA/BA students and the RSM faculty. Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of education in the BSc programmes at RSM. We provide an environment where you can meet and become friends with students from diverse backgrounds that share your passion for improving education. You will get to network with RSM officials (professors, programme management) who will eagerly listen and trust you as a member of SR. With SR’s contribution, the RSM faculty decided to hold online exams with an adjusted schedule in an effort to benefit all students. Additionally, we collaborated in the creation of the new PD programme. SR applications open the first week of September and consist of a motivational letter, your CV and a short interview. Join SR and speak your mind about your educational experience here at RSM!

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