R.S.Z. & W.V. Ragnar

Ragnar is the student swimming and waterpolo association of Rotterdam! All students are welcome to join us. Our communication is completely in English and we aim to give practices that are fun and challenging for swimmers and water polo players on every level. As we are an association for students, spontaneous drinks are not uncommon. Moreover, we organise many awesome events related and unrelated to swimming or water polo during the year, including the famous Ragnar Camp and legendary Diner Rouler! During the season, Ragnar will be partying all over Rotterdam and attending match weekends throughout the country again. All in all, this makes Ragnar a place where you make friends for life! It is the perfect combination of sporting activities and the student life together!

For more information and the latest updates, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and visit our website

(www.ragnar-rotterdam.nl). We cannot wait to see you during the Eurekaweek!

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