In Duplo

In Duplo is the study association for double students who combine a study in Law with a study in Economics or Business. As an association we organize informal, formal and educational activities. During the year we organize various other fun activities such as the annual pool tournament, pub crawl, party, cantus and much more. In addition, our monthly (free) drinks are a good way to meet other double students and to escape your studies for a while.

When you are a bit further in your studies you can join us at our formal events with our partners. These range from large law firms to the big 4 consultants and banks. This is a good way to discover different companies and to orientate yourself on your further career.

With our educational activities, we provide you with the tools you need to make a flying start with your studies. You can think of training in time management, law bundle training and other useful soft skills.

In addition to personal development, In Duplo is also a good place to make friends with your fellow double students. For example, at the beginning of the year we go on a First-year trip and during the year there are several first-year activities for you and your classmates. If you become a member with us, you can also choose to do a committee. In this way you become actively involved in the association and you can develop yourself in other areas.

An additional advantage of a membership at In Duplo is that you automatically become a member of the JFR and EFR/STAR. So you get three memberships and the discount on books and summaries that go with it.

Be sure to visit our stands at the information market and the festival!