Erasmus Multicultural Associations (EMA)

Erasmus Multicultural Associations (EMA) is the umbrella organisation which represents, facilitates and coordinates eleven cultural and social associations with the aim of promoting diversity and inclusion at the Erasmus University.

CSA-EUR (Chinese Student Association EUR)

CSA-EUR provides a platform open to anyone, regardless of their background, with an affinity for or interest in the Chinese culture or business.

EESA (Eastern European Students Associations)

We are the association that unites all of the Eastern European cultures and students into a strong, open-minded and welcoming community at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

ISR (International Students Rotterdam)

International Students Rotterdam (ISR) is a culturally diverse family and we aim to provide value to new and current International students with our variety of social and corporate activities.


Mozaik is the Turkish student association with the aim to make the study period a fun, pleasant and above all an educational period for all students

SSA (Surinamese Students Abroad)

SSA is an association for students who have an affinity with Suriname and in particular those who leave Suriname (temporarily) for their follow-up studies here in the Netherlands.

Sv Avicenna

Student association Avicenna is a medical and multicultural association for all students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC.

ASAH (African Students Association Heritage)

ASAH is an association open for all students and young professionals who have a keen interest in African culture and economies.

EHCO (Erasmus Hispanics Cultural Organization)

Erasmus Hispanic Cultural Organization (EHCO) is an international student association for Hispanic (Hispanic-american and Spanish!) culture.

Everyone is welcome to join our family!

EISA (Erasmus Indian Society Association)

EISA is a student association which represents the rich cultural values of India in Rotterdam.

It is for any student of EUR interested in learning about or experiencing the vibrant Indian traditions!

DCA – Dutch Caribbean Association Rotterdam

DCA is an association that aims to create a safe space and fun community for anyone that is interested in joining, while keeping a focus on the Dutch Caribbean culture.

EHS (Erasmus Hellenic Society)

Erasmus Hellenic Society is the association for all the Greek and Cypriot students of Erasmus University.