B&R Beurs

B&R Beurs is the student investment society of Erasmus University
Rotterdam. Our mission is to help members master the art of investing.
With over 1700 members we have a very mixed society with both Dutch and
international members, counting more than 25 nationalities! Most of our
members study Economics, Econometrics, Law, Finance, or Business
Administration, but many other studies are also represented.

The core activity of B&R Beurs is investing. Every year, the society organises
the Investment Competition. Investments are made with real money in real
stocks, ETF’s and options. Investing takes place on a group level, with groups
ranging from twelve to thirty five members.

In September, the new B&R educational program will start. The academies
start with the basic principles of investing, aimed at novice members. The
B&R academies are the ultimate method for learning all facets of investing.
Everything that you learn during the academies can be put directly into
practice in the Investment Competition!

B&R Beurs has a wide range of social activities including social (themed)
drinks once every two weeks, a football tournament, beer and wine tastings,
dinners, a City Trip, A Ski Trip and much more! The events are spread
throughout the entire academic year and are the perfect opportunity to
socialise and get to know other members!

Does this sound like music to your ears? Come and find us during the
Eurekaweek. We will host a dinner at our safe haven Apartt in the Oude
Haven on Wednesday the 21st of August, we hope to see you all there!