The Hardcup System

To reduce the amount of single-use plastics, we will be implementing a circular hardcup system.

Deposits will be paid upon buying a drink and refunded when a hardcup is returned. Want to know more about our hardcups system?

Step 1

Get a drink at one of our events

Step 2

Enjoy your drink and the event

Step 3

Get another drink

Step 4

Done for the day?

When getting a drink, you’ll receive it in one of our hardcups. When paying for this drink, you will have paid a deposit of €1,50 for the cup. To encourage you to hand it back in afterwards!

Take your drink with you and enjoy one of our events!

When you’re finished with your drink and would like another, hand in your cup at the bar and you’ll receive your drink in a new cup.

Or are you done for the day?

Don’t need another drink? Hand in your cup at the bar and you’ll get your €1,50 deposit back! The deposit will be transferred back to your account balance when scanning your bracelet.

Important Note

  • You can never get back more money for the cups than what was initially loaded onto your wristband.
    For example, at the start of the week, you add 10 euros to your account. You cannot return cups worth more than the initial 10 euros.
  • At the last evening of the Eurekaweek, during the Night of the Songs, you won’t be able to hand in your cups at the bars after 22:45.
    You can also donate your deposit to this year’s charity: MOVE! We created special bins where you can leave your cups. We will donate the total deposit on the hardcups in this bin to MOVE. However, if you’d like your deposit back, please hand in your cup at the bar before 22:45!