Medical Faculty Association Rotterdam (MFVR)

The Medical Faculty Association Rotterdam is the faculty association for students at Erasmus MC. The association was founded on April 10, 1967 and now has approximately 2300 members. The heart of the association consists of an eight-member board and 300 active members who are involved in many committees and the three fraternities. As a factorial association, we organize more than 100 activities every year. The MFVR is characterized by a great diversity of activities. Our mission is to enrich students as much as possible in the field of education and education, but also the fun aspect cannot be left out. This is reflected in various sports activities, outdoor and domestic trips, lectures, symposia, parties and in educational participation in every year. We also offer many options to explore the different career options. The career events connect students with companies and doctors who can tell them more about the many opportunities students have when they graduate and broaden their perspective.

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