FAECTOR is the official school association of Erasmus School of Economics and with over 2000 members we are the largest and most prestigious association for students interested in econometrics worldwide. We enrich the student experience of all econometricians through our three pillars: Social, Education and Career. The social events like the famous After Exam Drinks, the Ski Trip, and dinners connect all our students. During our social activities econometrics students have lots of fun and at the same time build a network.

We broaden and deepen students’ knowledge and skills related to the field of econometrics. Our Education portfolio consists of projects like the FAECTOR Research Project and FAECTOR Consultancy Project. With these projects we help students develop themselves and excel during their studies. With our Career pillar we are the stepping stone to the careers of our students. Events, like the Econometric Career Days, connect ambitious students with prestigious companies and form the bridge between student life and career.

For first-year students we organise two introduction camps: PINKWIN for students of the Dutch programme and PENGUIN for students of one of the international programmes. These camps offer a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students before the academic year even starts. For more information visit the FAECTOR site.

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