Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship

About Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship: Students
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students) is Erasmus University Rotterdam’s official entrepreneurial association. Since our establishment in 2013, our mission has been providing an environment that unites a diverse group of people, and to empower them in taking entrepreneurial action. We aim to spread entrepreneurial values and cultivate an innovative mindset among students. By providing a talented network, fostering relevant abilities and empowering students, we create opportunities for the entrepreneurial-minded across campus, while seeking to contribute to the innovative and entrepreneurial scene in the city of Rotterdam.

Our Community
We encourage our members to take full ownership of their projects and to experiment with new initiatives through the association’s ‘lean’ organization, where all events are executed as collaborative team projects, referred to as event committees. We differentiate ourselves by the autonomy our members are given – just like they would in a startup environment. The experience of organizing events from start to finish does not only compensate the curricular standards set by the university, but allows students to take responsibility to an extent that – considering their age and professional expertise – would not normally have the chance to at any conventional workplace.

Why Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship: Students
As the biggest entrepreneurial student association on our campus, we have reached over 80 thousand, and hosted over 30 events with 3000+ participants in total. Additionally, our association has strong partnerships that extend beyond our university, reaching to some of the biggest cities in our region, and even forming ties internationally. Lastly, our association maintains a strong alumni network which have formed successful companies and come back to speak our events and give advice on how to enter the world of entrepreneurship.