AEGEE Rotterdam

AEGEE is one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary student organizations. We offer you many options for cheap travelling throughout Europe, and in Rotterdam we offer you a taste of the Rotterdam student life!

We travel together to discover the different cultures in Europe, as AEGEE is located in more than 150 university cities in more than 40 different European countries! With us, you have many opportunities to join exchanges with other cities, to learn about other European cultures and meet people you normally probably wouldn’t get to know. Do you prefer to join one of our many Summer University programs to spend two weeks abroad, visiting amazing places, enjoying parties and making new friends? Or do you prefer to visit an event full of workshops, debates and chances to develop your skills? AEGEE can offer it all!

In Rotterdam we also offer you many social events and activities for our members and young people who are interested in AEGEE. This includes regular social drinks, traveling abroad, workshops and many other fun activities. While we encourage you to join all activities, it is all up to you to decide how active you want to be in our association. Other than that, AEGEE is open to all students from all faculties and disciplines. We welcome Dutch and International students from the Erasmus University and the University of applied Sciences!

If you’re interested, follow us on Instagram (@aegee_rotterdam), Facebook or send us

an e-mail for more information to for updates on where to find us during the Eurekaweek!

Some call it Europe, we call it home