Want to Earn Some Extra Money While You Study and Do a Good Deed at the Same Time?

We will all use medicine at some point in our lives, from a simple painkiller to medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. Good medicines improve patients’ lives. However, the fact that these drugs exist should not be taken for granted. A lot of research is needed to develop these, and that is what we at ICON (previously PRA Health Sciences) have been doing for 40 years. We have over 1000 employees in the Netherlands alone, including doctors, researchers, nurses and lab technicians, as well as participants — people like you!

How Does It Work?

Before the start of the study you will undergo a medical screening to determine whether you meet the criteria for participation. You will stay at ICON’s research center in Groningen for the duration of the study, where you will be given a low dose of the medicine being researched. The doctors and nurses will keep an eye on how you are doing and observe how your body responds to the medicine. They will do this by testing your blood and urine and by monitoring your vital signs such as your temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. At the end of the study our team will carry out a follow-up medical examination to check that you are still as healthy as before the study.

There are several types of study you can choose to participate in. These range from short researches lasting a couple of days to studies involving longer stays. You can choose which study fits best with your schedule.

Free Time

The ICON research center is a bit like a hospital, but far cozier. You will eat, sleep and live there together with the other participants. The doctors and nurses will carry out their research at set times of the day. Other than this, you will be free to spend most of your day however you please. During your stay you will have plenty of time to yourself, which you can use to study, game or even watch your favorite series on Netflix. You will also get to meet lots of new people by participating in a study like this.


You will receive compensation if you choose to participate in a study. The amount you will receive is based on the length of the study. The longer the study, the higher the amount you receive. For example, some studies offer compensation of up to €6300.

Why Participate?

Participate in clinical trials to help patients and put your time to good use. Many students consciously use their free time in the research center to relax or to study. For example, before the exam period. You will have plenty of time to focus on your study or, if you prefer, to take a break from studying or working. A little break from your daily life — with a nice reward.

Where Will the Research Take Place?

ICON’s research center is located in Groningen. For the medical screening, you can also go to Utrecht. You will receive a reimbursement for your travel expenses for every visit.

Every year over 2000 people in the Netherlands participate in ICON’s studies, many of whom are students. Want to play your part in the development of new medicines and earn yourself a nice reward? Then go to www.iconclinicaltrials.com and register for a study that suits you, with no obligation.